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Spend $80 and get 10% off!
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What is Wrk'n Progress?

Wrk'n Progress is a mentality come to life.

It is the idea that throughout our entire lives, no matter what it is, we will never be perfect. There will always be something that we could've done better, wished we did differently, or dreamt that we could do.

And while we will never reach that perfection we dream of, on each journey we embark on, we can take little steps to get closer to that perfection. Each step makes us better at our craft, at telling our story and makes us better overall. Until one day, we can turn dreams into reality.

We are all works in progress.


The apparel that I've put together in this brand represents my journey toward that impossible perfection, in the world of design and creativity. It represents my growth as an artist and frankly, is just a really crazy idea that I wanted to see to fruition.

To one day see people in public wearing the Wrk'n Progress brand, is a reality I may not have had when I started down this journey, but all it took was a single step to get started.

I hope with this brand and this mentality, it can help someone else take their first step forward on their own impossible journey.


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Happily based out of Toronto, Canada.